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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Power of Chaos MOD (For PC)


Download (filesonic) Links - Click SLOW for free:
Part 1
Part 2

NOTE: Download both files. Then use WinRar to extract part 1 and you will get the whole game (part 2 will extract automatically)

If you have problems with unlocking all cards from the file in game folder then try with this one:

Here is my first MOD of Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos for PC.

This game is finally complete. It has 1114 cards in total (including some anime only and fan-made cards). To unlock all cards open 'All Cards 1114' folder and fallow the instructions in 'All Cards INFO!!!!!!!.txt' file. You can also use some of my Decks if you want. You can find them in 'Here are some Decks' folder. Keep in mind that most of the cards do not have their effects. Don't judge me for that

About Synchros: There is many Synchro monsters in this game but unfortunately they don't have their effects and you must summon them the same way as fusion monsters... by fusing material monsters with quick-play spell card Miracle Synchro Fusion or continuous spell card Common Mental World. Anyway, I'm sure you will love it :D

Kazuki Takahashi - for creating Yu-Gi-Oh!
KONAMI - for developing and publishing Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos games
KaibaCorporationDTDL - for Kaiba Corporation Workstation program
Binho - for making most of the cards in this game and adding bg music
Me (RistaR87) - for making all the rest :P

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